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 Health is Wealth

Healthy food is the future of mankind. Organic food is the only alternative for a healthy and qualitative life.

18up Organics is a natural initiative by Sri Mrigasya Marketing Pvt Ltd to provide 100% pure, naturally rich and organic food to the people. The need for natural and organic food has become quite a natural choice for many people as the quality of health is rapidly deteriorating amongst the masses. The reason for this gross deterioration of health is mainly because of the consumption of poisonous pesticides through fruits, vegetables and pulses. Chemical fertilizers and pesticides enter the system through the food that humans consume and cause great damage gradually; these pesticides are present across all types of foods including edible oil, vanaspati, milk and ghee. As health becomes paramount, it is imperative to consider organic food as the basis for future generation and life. The quality of people’s health is directly dependant on the quantity of organic food produced, as more and more organic food would be available for people to consume resulting in a healthy and thriving human community.


For the farmers and of the farmers


18up Organics has taken initiatives which directly and indirectly support the farming community. The farmer’s community in India has always suffered due to the price rise of fertilizers on one side and drastic fall in prices of the produce after the harvest. Our intention is to effectively and efficiently balance both of these by supporting and motivating the farming community and also helping them sell their produce at a competitive price.

The sustenance of the organic farming community is the bedrock on which the future markets could be developed for the consumers.

18up Organics is fully committed to enhance a bettering quality life for every human being; in this endeavour it is also committed to increase the organic farmer community by rewarding them comprehensively.


The Consumer connect


The consumer centric approach of 18up Organics include consumer education and awareness on the overall health benefits and advantages of organic food, in this endeavour the company would be launching numerous consumer awareness and education initiatives online and offline to educate the ill-effects of non-organic food products on the overall health of people.


The greater good for the society and the nation


The process of growing and selling organic food is a great service for the society and the nation at large, the consumption of organic food would be immensely beneficial for the future generation who would be the future citizens. The growth of this segment would also benefit the farming community as they would be selling the produce profitable, by deploying the process of organic farming the farmers could also restore their farm lands by keeping the soil in a healthy and fertile condition.