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Jeevanada Amrutha – The Nectar Of Life

One life. Live healthy


Healthy way of living life is the only way to lead a happy, complete and fulfilled life. The healthy perspective for life has gained enormous popularity in recent times for various reasons, across the world the only matter that matters the most is the health of people. So what exactly is good health? Good health is attained by various methods, one surefooted way is the regular consumption of pesticide- free food; the consumption of food with pesticides and harmful fertilizers has become the only option in the last few decades as demand to produce more food was rapidly on the rise. Governments across the globe only focused to obtain larger yield from agriculture which in turn gave a majority thrust to the pesticide and fertilizer adoption in agriculture. Over the years as people consumed food, the consumption of pesticides and fertilizers has also increased resulting in ill-health amongst many. Many grave illnesses have been caused by the consumption of the food yielded through the use of fertilizers and pesticides, it is time that mankind adopted different methods to grow agricultural yields. The larger question is can people consume fresh food that is fertilizer and pesticide free. Yes? It is definitely possible, with growing awareness amongst many people across the globe, especially people who live in cities and cosmopolitan cities, the awareness levels about the ill-effects of food grown using fertilizers have enormously grown, and this awareness has compelled them to look for an alternative. The quest for an ideal alternative has yielded one of the best results in modern history – the advent of organic farming.

Organic food, the nectar of life – Jeevanada Amrutha


Organic food should be the nectar of life for future generations, as there is a growing trend of sickness and ailments amongst many people around the globe, and the reason propounded is the constant eating of food grown using pesticides and fertilizers, there should be a an ultimatum set to stop this trend or people themselves should stop consuming these types of food.  The only alternative for future generations should be consumption of organically grown food which would invariably be the nectar of life or Jeevanada Amrutha which again means ‘Nectar of life’ in Kannada.